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M&G Wedding Planning

The key stage of a wedding planning at M&G is a dialogue with a customer. A traditional discussion is supplemented by a few questionaries, which are necessary for our experts to get familiar with customers' preferences: colors, styles, event themes and even dress code. It is advisable to apply for a wedding agency services in advance: wedding cares are enjoyable under the direction of M&G. Our agency guarantees a pleasant scheduled wedding day, exceeding your expectations.

Wedding decor

  • We are glad to work with demanding customers, as challenging projects distinguish us from our competitors.

  • We set a high value on our customers' time and manage wedding planning punctually.

  • The M&G team provides the most accurate and exact budget calculation in order to make our customers comfortable.

  • We understand the importance of every detail in the wedding business: fresh flowers, refined cuisine, guests' comfort, favorable entertainment and so on.

  • We believe that the key components to a satisfactory customer experience are attention, efficiency, high quality and reasonable pricing.

Wedding banquet

Besides traditional wedding services, M&G agency offers additional packages:

  • Marriage proposal planning: start your life together with a romantic and surprising moment.

  • Integrated organization of bridal showers and bachelor parties.

  • Honeymoon arrangement: our reliable touring partners are always ready to make an attractive offer for the M&G customers.

  • We can get you monthly car rental in Dubai from our sister company Speedy Drive to enjoy your wedding holiday's. 

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