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We would like to thank our wedding planners, the day was amazing! After a couple of monthsCustomer feedback we still get positive feedback on the event from our friends and family. Everything was professionally executed, all our requests were noted and the evening was punctually organized. I will recommend G&M to my friends, as the company's shown its responsible customer approach.

/Angela and Nail/






Wedding shootIt was very important for me to make a nice wedding album after celebration. Our photographer was very attentive and managed to capture all the fun and interesting moments. He was there till the very end of the banquet, honestly performing his duties. Me and my husband appreciate such professional attitude to a wedding planning. Thank you!

/Rena and Paul/






I was worried about the wedding day up to the first consultation with our wedding coordinator. Her skills, knowledge and Wedding dayorganizational talent relieved all my cares and worries. Since we signed an agreement, I had the best enjoyable time! It was pleasant and interesting process of choosing accessories, styles, colors and decoration, I wanted to participate in every detail of a wedding day, and my intentions were more than welcome! Thank you for such a friendly and supportive service!

/Victoria and Reggie/





Wedding albumWe would like to thank the agency for their competency and patience. My wife was strongly concerned about the wedding schedule and plan, as we had a number of ambitious ideas and activities to do. We are happy that professional consultation was helpful for optimizing the wedding day, the offered suggestions were valuable and smart. We had a fun and relaxed day, the entertainment was especially remarkable and we still remember every minute of the event!

/Anna and Johnathan/  

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