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Wedding Venue

M&G offers a professional service of a wedding venue selection. Today the most popular wedding locations are restaurants, hotels, banquet rooms, yachts, boats, and villas. You can rent a yacht in dubai for party from Seven Yachts which is our partner company and is renowned in UAE for its luxurious boat, yachts, cruise and other fleets.  It is advisable to apply for this service in advance in order to consider a bigger number of selection options. The M&G experts will identify a few alternatives, according to couple's budget and requests. It is necessary for a chosen place to be fine and functional; the most relevant aspects at this point are: place capacity and accessibility, offered cuisine type, wedding theme suitability, and parking availability. 


Wedding place

Wedding Decoration

Wedding decoration includes newly-weds looks, wedding hall décor and ceremony ornamental details. There is a great variety of elements involved in wedding decoration, and so it is essential to keep to the main wedding concept while combining them in a single project. Our designers consult couples on the latest fashion trends in the wedding business and are ready to demonstrate the M&G comprehensive portfolio. The wedding decoration service package includes flowery and textile décor, bridal bouquet design and transport finery.

Wedding hall

Wedding Photography

Certainly, a wedding day is remarkable for every event participant. However, it is not possible to keep memories bright for a long time, while specifically details create unforgettable romantic atmosphere. High qualitative photographs require advanced equipment and its skilled application. M&G wedding agency partners with the major photo studios and operators. Years of productive cooperation and an impressive portfolio are our professional guarantees.

Wedding photo

Wedding Stylist

Today the main fashion trend of a wedding look is naturalness and individuality. Our make-up artists, hair designers and stylists are involved in glamorous magazines, TV shows and fashion events development. The service includes stylist consultation, experimental make-up and hair style, the wedding day look design.

Wedding make-up

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