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Wedding Trends

Pastel colors palette

Previous fashion seasons established bright and ambitious color spectrum. Today the dominant color variations are pastel and tender tones. They are applicable in every wedding décor element: from invitations and polygraphy print to a bridal dress with a slight color tint. The concept doesn't limit designers and stylists to modest decoration range: light colors can be successfully combined with bright accents and florid textures.

Pastel colors


Eco-style acquires strong tendency in decorative design over time. The dominant eco-style colors are: olive green, pale turquoise, mossy, supplemented by hazel, ivory, beige shades and rent heater Dubai from Rental Joy. The main eco principle is naturalness and minor accents. Typographic printing, simple cuisine, casual looks, mild patterns and plain decoration are the means of this wedding style. Buffets and cocktail parties are more preferable than traditional multi-course dinners within this wedding concept.

Eco design

Cheese Tables

Traditionally, sweet tables are common for wedding banquets. However, cheese tables become more popular nowadays. Diversified cheese selection is perfect for such idea, they should be supplemented by seasonal berries, as strawberries, figs, raspberries, peaches, date plums and of-season fruits, as grapes, apples and pears. Beside fruits, on a cheese table there should be hard biscuits, freshly baked bread, honey and nuts. Cheese goes together with light aperetifs, as white wine, champagne and vermouth. Jams and marmalades are optional but attractive additions to a cheese table. It is advisable to note every cheese kind with a name, county of production and a brief description.  

Cheese table

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