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Conquer the Sand

If you are looking for adventure, Dubai will never let you down. One of the best ways to spend your time in this magical place is by going on a Sand Dune Safari in Dubai. Besides having a lot of fun, a trip through the desert allows you to sample the local traditions of the. Here is what you will get to do during your trip:

Sand Dune Safari in Dubai

1. Desert Camping

If you have gone camping in the past, you understand that it takes a lot of work. You have to find the right spot and haul all the equipment to the site. A camping trip can be quite exhausting. However, things can be much easier when you go for desert camping. For just 350 AED per head, you will get a full package. The tents we provide give you a sense of home away from home and they come with all the amenities you need for a comfortable night. You will find a full team of chefs who prepare dishes inspired by local cuisine.

For safety, there will be a guard on watch during the entire camping experience. Whether you want to bond with your family or rekindle the flames of love, desert camping will do it for you. Besides spending the night staring at the beautiful night sky, there is much more to do. The package includes dance shows, camel rides, dune bashing, desert walks, smoking shisha, and taking beautiful photos. You will also benefit from drop-offs and pick-up around Dubai in four-wheel drive vehicles.

2. Sand Dune Safari

The sand dune safari in Dubai can be a lot of fun. One of the activities that most find to be a lot of fun is dune bashing; it will entail driving over a sand dune. To ensure safety, all SUVs travel in a convoy. Besides that, only drivers with years of experience are allowed to drive. There is also the option to ride a dune buggy or a quad bike instead of the four-wheel drive vehicle.

Sandboarding can also be a lot of fun. The sandboarding works much in the same way as snowboarding but on the sand. You sit or lie on a specially designed board and skid down the sand dune. Some of the dunes are quite tall, which makes the experience more exciting. The best part about sandboarding is that it is not seasonal like snowboarding.

Desert Camping

You can also choose to go camel riding during a sand dune safari in Dubai. Camel rides are part of the local traditions. The camel rides give you a sense of the local customs and culture during the sand Dune Safari in Dubai. You can also expect to be provided with drinking water during the entire safari.

Have you always wondered how you could go on a sand dune safari in Dubai? We have sorted out everything so that you can spend the entire trip having fun. If you want to experience life outside the city, book the desert camping package.

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