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Dubai Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishingDeep sea fishing has a number of advantages to one’s health physically and mentally. They include muscles strengthening, social development and many others. In Dubai, deep sea fishing is one of the best options in fishing that you can get. Fishing in the Arabian ocean with the ocean breeze hitting your face with all its gentleness on a summer day can be pretty overwhelming. On top of that, you get to cook a meal and eat it all fresh and healthy. Not only will the taste make it perfect for you, you will also feel that satisfaction of eating what you strived to gain.

You can go for deep sea cruise yachts anywhere where there is water around the world. It will help you have more family time if you are with your family and socially develop you. Deep sea fishing is an experience that you will never experience before since this experience is out of this world. Deep sea fishing is a must that one should definitely do in their lifetime. You will definitely enjoy nature at the best of its best and make memories that will last for more than just a lifetime.

Fish farming!

Fish farming is the act of catching fish for human consumption and not just for fun. It is a very important part of agriculture yet many environmentalist and people argue that fish farming has disadvantages. These disadvantages are considerable since they make a lot of sense. The following are a few:

Fish farming

  • Keeping fish close to you can make you catch many diseases. Not just you, if one fish is sick and is kept with others, there is a high chance that they will also get sick and eventually, none will be able to be consumed. This will eventually cause wastage of regular marine life for no use at all.
  • Fish farms are usually treated with chemicals and other aspects with making the environment cry. Yes, the environment is very much hurt by the process of fish farming and the fish we get remains treated and not pure.
  • There is no such workers security in agriculture. Workers may be exposed to diseases with no way out or no such security. This is not blaming anyone but it is just a fact that there is a health risk in being around fish and other sea bacteria for a long period of time.
  • Creating salt water or water environments are extremely expensive. Not only you need to have water, you need to artificially add minerals and ingredients that will make sure that the fish survivors.
  • The last but not the least disadvantage is that the fish will start living in an artificially created environment which is a hassle and chaos for them, it will take time for them to adjust and eventually make it for longer periods, otherwise, they might just die.

Although fish farming is a very hit and common way around the world there are people that do protest against it. Can't say they are wrong at all, but there can be newer ways of fish farming. What do you say?

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