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Iconic Photographers of 20th Century

Wedding PhotographyToday we want to tell you about the most famous photographers of the world of our time. They have already left their bright and unique mark in the history of photography.

Stanley Greene

The main goal of creativity Stanley Greene is to warn mankind about the current crises of the world. In his reports Stanley tells us about the cruelty of war, natural disasters, the consequences of environmental disasters, and many other things, he wants to draw our attention to. Here is what he said in one of his interviews: "I Have not enough money. The fact is that, almost without a trace I spend them on their trip, during which to shoot stories that I wonder about what I think is important. Sometimes, of course, I'm trying to take orders in magazines. But they are not interested in what I want to tell the people. Their editor says to me, "It is Much more interesting to take pictures of what is under the skirt of Paris Hilton". But what is there, alas, will not save the world...".

Thomas Dworzak

Only twenty years old was Thomas Dvorak, when decided to abandon the very successful and prosperous life in Bavaria. The young man wanted to know what a real war is. It's his decision and gave impetus to start work. Thomas Dvorak dedicated his life to photography. With his camera he has visited many hot spots of our planet. His stories will remain forever in the history of world war photography. Order Dubai wedding photographer at Pixels Production Studio!

Antonin KratochvilBest Wedding Photography

Anthonin Kratochvil was born in the Czech Republic. For several years he lived in different European countries. When Anthony turned 24, he moved to the United States. His photographic career began in this state. During the years of his career, Anthony used the language of photography to tell people about many decisive events in the world at different times. He visited Chernobyl, military conflicts in Nigeria, Iraq and many other countries. In his reports Kratochvil showed not only the war but also the everyday life of different people. Realistic documentary gallery created by Anthony Kratochvil, truly has no equal.



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