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Royal Wedding Interior Design Concepts

The modern style is not easy to define. For some people, it means the latest fashion trends, for others it is the exact opposite to the classic style. In the first case, it is important to use materials and furniture from the latest collections, in the second - to replace a complex chic decor with simple shapes and open space.

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Creating a Modern Royal Wedding Interior Design:


Basic Principles.

A modern royal living room arrangement starts with the removal of all unnecessary elements. Luxury Imperial Design projects demonstrate best royal villa interior design Dubai this design tool perfectly. The chosen furniture has to be multi - functional, the space is to be used very efficiently. The modern royal living room is equal to the schematic outline: there is no overloading in clear symmetry and straight lines.


When it is decided to split quite a large room into different parts, it is important not to clutter the area with dividing accessories and furniture. In this case, it is enough to show the imaginary border by ceiling lighting or floor design. However, an experienced designer should keep in mind that multi-level ceilings visually burden the modern interior which has to stay light and airy.


Details Matter.

Lighting decoration.

Contemporary style suggests multi-level lighting. In addition to a small central chandelier, it allows numerous spotlights along the perimeter of a room or other sources of light hidden behind the furniture.


Decorative elements.

The most common decorations for royal living rooms are original vases, plain flower compositions and unusual statues. The most important in this case is to keep the modern style cozy and comfortable, not frozen and stark.


Soothing environment in a modern royal living room.

For those who love peace and quiet, it is better to bring light and gentle tones into a room:

- Walls painted in white, cream, beige or bright shades of yellow, gray and pink;

- Windows framed by curtains of transparent fabric; white or pastel blinds;

- Floor laid with a fluffy rug to match the furniture upholstery;

- Elegant ottomans, plush sofas complemented by soft cushions, glass coffee tables, and white cabinets as furniture selection;

- Vases, frames with photos, books on plasterboard shelves are great decoration choices.


It is important not to clutter a royal room with unnecessary items to keep the sense of space and freedom. In order to bring an exotic element into a modern living room, a capturing and impressive aquarium can be installed. A bar made of modern materials or a billiard - table will create an unforgettable experience for your guests. The right furniture combination in a living room makes it perfect for having a great time with your guests and family!

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