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Will You Marry Me

Bridal make-up! A small word but has a significant importance in every girl’s life.

This article is about my bridal make-up and how it ruined my big day. Alas!

Ahhh!!! What a wonderful phrase it is…

Full of love, full of excitement, so joyous…

Will You Marry Me?

It was an ideal day. Winter had come to a close. The sun was shining brightly. Warm wind was blowing cherishing our minds and souls. Birds were chirping and blooming all around. Wedding bells were ringing. Can you hear their music?? Yes, it was my wedding day, the day which was going to change my whole life, which was going to fill my life with love, with happiness, with contentment. Everything was going according to the plan. It was going to be an ideal marriage until….

According to geometry, two parallel lines on a same plane will never coincide, no matter how close their paths are. Same was the story of me and my husband. We were strangers before marriage, talked for the first time after engagement and fell in love. He was the perfect man I would have wished for. I am not sure but I think he felt the same.

All arrangements were remarkably done. Wedding clothes, jewelry, accessories, photographer, venue, decorations, flowers, all were proficiently accomplished. Only the wedding was to take place.

On the wedding day, I woke up by a sweet message…” Congratulations on your wedding day. May all our days seem like both of us are in heaven.” It brought a smile on my face and satisfaction deep inside my heart. I kept the phone aside and started to get ready for the rest of my day.

Now was the time for me to go to the salon. I was so excited to be a bride. Many ideas were surrounding my mind. I would try a trendy look, showing a more polished version of mine. The makeup should be natural with my eyes looking big and elegant, lips should be plumped properly, cheeks be accentuated correctly etc. the only fear I had was I did not have a trial with my makeup artist to check which makeup style would suit me. Moreover, I am not a make-up person. I was completely unaware whether smoky eyes would do the spark or eyes with dusk golden eye shadow. Having butterflies in my stomach, I reached the salon.

My make-up artist greeted me, congratulated me and told me to relax. Then she gave me a booklet full of different bridal makeups and told me to choose one for my big day. I chose one with smoky eyes glittering face and plumped red lips. She took a look on the make-up style and put it aside. It took me three hours to get ready. After the mentioned time I opened my eyes to finally look at my bridal face. Full of excitement, I looked at the mirror but alas, was deeply shocked and grieved as I was looking so plastic, so fake, all my dreams of a natural bride were shattered. But now I was helpless. There was no time left to make amendments. With aheavy heart, I left the salon and started for the wedding venue.

Luckily, no one discouraged me or gave any negative comment but deep inside I knew that I was not looking good. My husband said nothing, too. I became more disappointed.

All wedding rituals were done accurately. There came the time for my departure, as I was already saddened by my make-up, now the grief of leaving my parents, I cried a lot.

We reached my husband’s house still crying. In the bedroom, my husband came, took my hand and directed me towards the mirror. He told me to look at my face. I lifted my eyes and was astonished to see that my make-up had lightened a lot due to my constant crying. I felt happy to see my face and hugged my husband.

All is well that ends well.

Hence, my tears doesn’t go in vain. They did that spark which I was expecting my make-up artist to do.

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